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James Lamb FAIML

Founder and Director

Hey there!  I'm James, founder and director of INFINITY.  I started the company in early 2018 with a BIG vision of becoming the greatest sales coaching company on the planet! 


Now I am ambitious and that still remains as a lofty goal but having been operating for a while my focus has shifted.  You see the challenge of being the greatest or the best is that it is an internal goal.  Important yes but the realisation was that the most important thing is to create value for the customer. 

Steve Jobs said 'The best way to predict the future is to create it'.  I wanted to build the company purely about helping others create the future they wanted.  So I changed gears, focused on what I was good at and set about how I could help fitness operators and professionals.

Our purpose was born from the drive to help small business succeed.  The failure rate of fitness businesses in Australia is mind blowing.  Many of these are a result of cash flow.  However I am a firm believer that there is a precursor to cash flow... Sales.  Sales are the lifeblood of any industry.  If you are not growing then you are dying, period.   

Having worked in sales for over 20 years,  this was my start point. I have always loved sales.  For me sales are wonderful, not because they drive revenue, but because you get to create powerful experiences for your customer.  Even better is that I do this in the fitness industry - literally the coolest industry on the globe and I am so grateful to be part of it.

I know that our methods can increase sales in ANY business.  Now while we may not be able to change the national operator failure rate, if I can make a difference to just one, then that is a success.

My interest in sales led me onto developing a deeper understanding of the neurology and science behind human behaviour.  To understand the psyche better I undertook my Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner course.  This provided amazing insight into human behaviour and how it can be influenced through NLP techniques. 

I have coupled the learnings from NLP with the construct and execution of sales training to develop NeuroSales.  NeuroSales will change the way you sell with amazing results.    


INFINITY - Changing the future of small business.